Dancing with the Missoula Stars 7

Meet the celebrities and their pros

Ten fewer Missoulians will have two left feet following their participation in “Dancing with the Missoula Stars,” a fundraiser for the Downtown Dance Collective (DDC).

For weeks, our celebrities—or non-dancers, the preferred term of at least one competitor—have been rehearsing their steps with their professional dancers. All their hard work, blood (no doubt they’ll have a popped blister or two), sweat and tears will come together Sunday, February 21 at the Top Hat Lounge for an event sure to have you wishing you were a celebrity.

Missoula Valley Lifestyle was there when the couples were introduced and captured the excitement and panic, but mostly the happy nervous energy of the “non-dancers” and their pros.

Bring the Drama

Celebrity: Charene Herrera, DJ on KYSS 94.9

Pro Dancer: Patrick Marsolek

Dance Style: Argentine Tango

Before Charene officially learned her dance style:

Charene: “I figured tango since you’re the tango master.”

Patrick: “You didn’t know that.”

Charene: “Yeah, I kind of did. I’m smarter than 
you think.”

“I’m the non-dancer. I prefer non-dancer to celebrity. After this, I’m going to be a dancer!”

-Charene Herrera

Got ‘Sabor’?

Celebrity: Paul 
Ryan, Attorney

Pro Dancer: Jennifer Corbin

Dance Style: Salsa


“It’s a new experience and exciting. I’m not a very good dancer at all, so I hope I get to stand while my partner dances around me.”

-Paul Ryan

Throwing Shade

Celebrity: Corey Regini, Lead Brewer at the 

Pro Dancer: Christopher Coburn

Dance Style: Hip Hop

Corey, what are you most looking forward to?

“Shaking my butt.”

“Katie’s good. I’m better. Her partner seems really cool, too. Corey’s cooler.”

-Christopher Coburn

Ham It Up

Celebrity: Suzanne Phillips, Chef/Manager at The Trough at The Olde Dairy

Pro Dancer: Heidi Jones Eggert

Dance Style: Lindy Hop

Suzanne’s winning spirit: “I’m definitely not shy. I’m definitely a ham.

Suzanne, you’ve sized up the other dancers. Who is the biggest competition?

“Reid [Reimers] has a lot of theater experience. I think his having been in shows and being part of the theater give him a big advantage, and he’s also quite a ham.”

Dance with a Kick

Celebrity: Melanie Charlson, President of the Missoula Education Association

Pro Dancer: Jennifer Meyer Vaughan

Dance Style: Latin Jazz

Fez Astaire

Celebrity: Felipe “Fez” Von Sydow, Co-Owner of Arcane Fitness

Pro Dancer: Meagen Hensley

Dance Style: Old Hollywood

Meagan, are you going to teach Fez how to lead?

“We’ll see. If I have to lead, I’ll lead. If he can, he will. He’s definitely able to pick me up. I can’t pick him up, unfortunately, although that could be kind of fun.”

Fez chimes in, “I’m not afraid to fall.”

The Shade Gauntlet

Celebrity: Christine Littig, Owner of Bernice’s Bakery

Pro Dancer: Katie Lewis

Dance Style: Hip Hop Stylized

Katie, there are two hip hop dancers in this competition, you and Christopher. Sum up Christopher’s style.

“His style is kind of jazz, funk, West Coast, and I don’t know what that means. He probably read it on the Internet.”

“Katie will have to put up with my 
smelling like a cookie every day.”

-Christine Littig

Under Pressure

Celebrity: Jeff Medley, Actor and Musician

Pro Dancer: Joy French

Dance Style: Contemporary

Team Advantage: Partners in 
Real Life

Team Disadvantage: Partners in 
Real Life

Jeff, have you sized up 
the competition?

“Some of it.”

Are you feeling confident?

“Not really. I can pretend.”

“There are some high stakes with us: Jeff got voted best actor last year and I got voted best dancer, so we cannot screw up. We’re not allowed.”

-Joy French

Talking Trash

Celebrity: Reid Reimers, Actor and Arts Educator

Pro Dancer: Colleen Rosbarsky

Dance Style: Musical Theater Fosse-Style

Colleen, have you sized up the competition?

“I think I have a huge advantage because I have Reid. He’s an amazing performer.”

Reid, do you have a little rivalry with fellow actor 
Jeff Medley?

“Yes, very much so and a really fun one. I just want to give him the stink eye. Competitions are more fun if you talk some trash.”

Spirit of Hawai’i

Celebrity: Susan Hay Patrick, CEO of United Way of Missoula County

Pro Dancer: Mina May

Dance Style: Hula