Making a Difference That Matters 3

Surgical Arts Centre Offers Excellent Results, Creates Ultimate Patient Experience

It’s not very often that we hear of professionals taking their businesses elsewhere for the sole purpose of a better life. As every Montanan has probably heard before, you don’t move here for the money. It’s the quality of life that’s different, better.

Dr. Clark O. Taylor, director of the Surgical Arts Centre, didn’t shy away from the risk of uprooting his practice and planting it in the Missoula Valley. “This is where I decided I wanted to live,” he says, and now his clients are reaping the rewards.

With its doors having been open for nearly 20 years, the Surgical Arts Centre has become a staple in the community, providing patients with a facility and team of physicians fully equipped to treat complex facial surgical issues on an outpatient basis, and it’s been recognized on an international level for doing so.

With doctorates in both dentistry and medicine, Dr. Taylor prides his practice on being head and neck focused, offering several dental procedures to better accommodate the all-inclusive experience that his patients desire. The Surgical Art Centre’s unique pairing of talents and technology helps shorten recovery time and produces better, lasting results, leading to a more satisfying overall patient experience.

“It’s very rewarding to change peoples’ lives. My biggest challenge is to make it accessible and affordable to as many people as possible,” says Dr. Taylor. “We have worked very hard, very diligently, to establish a delivery system, a physical plant, and staff so that we’re very efficient and can minimize costs…so I can then pass those benefits on to our patients.”

Most patients that come through the doors of the Surgical Arts Centre have had a long, complex history of not having their problem correctly addressed. The rest of his patients are there for elective cosmetic procedures that range from plastic surgery to an array of skin treatments.

“My job with patients seeking cosmetic procedures is to educate them and inform them of the benefits and the risks of it so they can make an independent decision they are comfortable with,” says Dr. Taylor. He said that his job, much like his experience, is education. With a second location in Palm Desert, Calif., his dream of reaching patients through patients has become a reality.

“There are wants and needs and my cosmetic practice here and in Palm Desert is purely want based…. I tell all my patients up front, ‘Cosmetic surgery and facial surgery are not something that you need.’” With the exception of corrective surgery in the case of an accident, Dr. Taylor goes on to say, “There’s something that bothers you, that’s why you’re here and you want to do something about that…I can say, ‘Here are your options, here’s what we can do.’”

Unlike most surgeries, the clock isn’t ticking for these want-based procedures. However, the longer one waits, the less value the procedure will likely have. “The value increases over time,” says Dr. Taylor when speaking about a right or wrong time to consider indulging in one of the many procedures the Surgical Arts Centre offers. Whether patients are looking to improve the quality of their life through non-cosmetic solutions to sleep apnea or cosmetic procedures of the face, head or neck, they can enjoy the lasting benefits for a longer period of time if acted upon sooner rather than later.

The Surgical Arts Centre is rooted in a willingness common among Missoulians—that is, the pursuit and desire to see the lasting impressions of those choices further down the road—tipping the scale in honor of preserving what matters most, encouraging another step toward improvement and considering it necessary. The mountain peaks, rivers and walks of wildlife make it easy on the eyes, but it’s also easy on the rest of the body, which is why you’ll find links to national parks and resorts in and around the Missoula area on the Surgical Arts Centre website,

“I hope that I have enhanced and improved the quality of their life,” says Dr. Taylor when talking about his day-to-day interaction with patients. “I have been able to live where I choose to live and I have a professional practice that could not be more rewarding.”